Archibald McClain 

*15 Mar 1817 - †7 Apr 1895
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b) Samuel W. McClain, well-to-do farmer of Rock Creek township,
was born in Ireland, December 26, 1856, and is a son of Archibald and
Jennie (Wills) McClain, who were born and reared in Country Antrim,
Ireland, and were of Scotch descent. Archibald McClain, his father, was
born in 1817, and emigrated from Ireland with his family in 1857. He
settled in Pennsylvania, and was employed in the iron works of that
State for a number of years until his migration to Nemaha county, Kan-
sas, in 1877. For the first few years in Kansas, he rented land and then
bought 160 acres on section 31, Rock Creek township, which is the pres-
ent home place of his sons and daughters. ,He prospered, built up an
attractive farm home, and died on his homestead in 1895. His wife fol-
lowed him to the great beyond in 1910, aged eighty-three years.

Samuel W. McClain has spent all of his life in Montgomery county,
Pennsylvania, where he attended school, and in Nemaha county, with
the exception of one and a half years, and was reared to young manhood
on the McClain homestead. He made his first purchase of land in 1894,
and now owns 240 acres in partnership with his brother, Laughlin Mc-
Clain., The McClain brothers are excellent farmers, and are well-to-do.
They raise considerable live stock of a good breed and are industrious
and hard working.

The children of Archibald and Jennie McClain are as follows: Sam-
uel W., subject of this review; Laughlin, who is farming in partnership
with his brother; Archibald, deceased; William, a farmer; Catharine,
housekeeper for her three brothers, who live on the McClain homestead ;
Rev. John E. McClain, pastor of the Congregational Church, at Sheldon,

The parents of the McClain boys were members of the Episcopalian
church, but the sons and daughter are affiliated with the Congrega-
tional church. The example set the McClain children by their parents

in living- clean, industrious lives has been carefully emulated with the
result that the brothers and sister work in harmony for their common
good. Unlike many Kansas pioneers, they had very few hardships
when they settled in Nemaha county and the family have always been
contented and happy in the beautiful country home erected by their
father, who was a man of good address and education. The McClains
come of excellent Scotch-Irish stock whose forbears emigrated from
Scotland to the north of Ireland to escape religious persecution a few
centuries ago. Samuel McClain and his brothers are well respected in
their neighborhood for their industry and honesty and upright demeanor.

  • 7 Apr 1895