Robert McClain Young 

*26 Feb 1888 - †24 Feb 1906


a) Obituary
Robert McClain Young
Robert McClain Young passed away last Saturday Feb. 24, 1906 at 4a.m.,after an illness of but two days. He was bor in Eldora, Iowa,Feb26,1888. His parents moved to Nelson, Neb. in 1889 which was hishomeuntil last Wednesday when with the family he came to Osco. Hewassuddenly taken sick Thursday and died Saturday. Dr. C. S. YoungofGeneseo who was called, is of opinion that the young mancontractedscarlet fever while enroute to his new home. He was thesecond son of Mr.and Mrs. J. H. Young , and is survived by his parentsand two brothers,Jmaes and Harvey. Funeral services were held Sundayat one p. m. at thehome and the interment was in Grace churchcemetery, Rev. W.M. Purceofficiating.